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This is the time to believe even more, because as God has said himself, his ways are not our ways Isaiah 55 : When God has put a dream in your heart, no one with the exception of yourself can bring it to a premature end.

Have you ever prayed desperately that God would change the circumstances that were putting you under enormous pressure, and you got no response? Well, Joseph felt the same way when he was sold off by his brothers. As the Ishmaelites carried him away, you can be sure he prayed that God would somehow save him and restore him to his father. He however did not get what he so desperately wanted.

Dreaming God's Dreams

In the same way, we at times pray that God removes certain circumstances that may be the stepping stones towards our dream. So if you find yourself in certain circumstances that are uncomfortable but still prevail in spite of your many prayers, maybe God wants you to remain there for a reason—trust him. God usually brings us to a place where we need to depend on him. As we are on our journey towards the fulfillment of our dream, God will teach us to depend more on him than on anything else. He will do this by removing the things that we tend to rely on. Whether it is people, our job, money or even some luxuries we are accustomed to having.

Chances are that if we depend too much on anything, we will start to have less of it.

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This is not to deprive us but to make us understand that God is the only one we can truly rely on Mathew 7 : He lost everything that he could put his hope in—except God. As he lived in Egypt, he had to learn to depend more on God because that was all he had. When God is all we have, then we should be encouraged because in him you will find everything good Mathew 7 We will need to be trained for our purpose. Before we can get hired for a job, we must be trained for it.

Likewise, God needs to train us for the role that is attached to our dream. In this place we learn a lot that will help us in future. Some of the things that are taught are patience, honesty, humility, love and many more. God tends to teach with circumstances rather than words. If he wants you to learn to walk in love, he would put you in the presence of someone who is difficult to get along with.

If you submit to God, you will learn to love that person and the experience will help you elsewhere. He worked every day in the fields and at the house and learned much about planting, harvesting and storing grain. Later on, Potiphar gave Joseph charge over all his servants. Joseph learned to submit to authority, trust God, be patient and remain faithful in trying times. As a leader, he learned to supervise people and how to deal with them on a personal level with fairness since he had been a servant himself.

He would later draw from this experience. He needed the grace of God. This grace is the one that carries us beyond what we can do on our own. Just when you are considering giving up on your dream, God speaks to you through his Word, or someone shows you their appreciation for something you did and suddenly you have the strength to go on. Joseph needed grace and so do we. Our faithfulness to God will be thoroughly tested. As we wait for God to bring our dream to fulfillment, we will be tested in all sorts of ways. Your integrity will be put to the test several times.

We, just like Joseph, will have to be exposed to temptations in many forms.

Bible Living

If we fail the test, we most certainly have to take it again. For instance, someone may offer you a shortcut to compromise on something that you know is wrong. In this case, if you accept, you fail the test and God will let you know. After a while when you are not expecting it, a similar test will come your way. If you accept again, still you will have to take yet another test—and another you get the picture.

But some interpretations were ready to see him with Iris, the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She can transform even the crudest of gods to sexy guys. The books by her are very romantic and mysterious.

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Morpheus has been my favorite Greek deity since I was ten. My stories typically contain a figure representing death, sleep, or dream. My friend writes stories about greek myth at wattpad. Morpheus is the agent that reveals the plans or prophecies from Erebos or AiA, beyond time and space; AiA is the X-section of the x-y-z and ix-iy-iz space-phases, A and iA.

All prophesies or plans for humanity are improvised in the timeless frame or pre-time, by the Divine Word, so as to take account of unforeseen events in the after-time, carrying out modifications accordingly. Morpheus himself is NOT the originator of prophecies. All such originators, prophets not oracles, are terminals of the Divine Word.

See the-divine-word. Morpheus is more ancient than Hermes, who is not a person but the office or function of delivering dreams, plans , as instructed by Morpheus. Through the offices of Hermes, Morpheus delivers the Divine Plans prophecies in dreams, so as to guide the rulers of Mankind. I named my bong Morpheus because it looks melted, thus being morphed, plus morpheus from the matrix helped with the actual name morpheus. Then I read up on this morpheus after forgetting about him completely. Never heard of that before :D! Personally, I think this is an affront to God, the Creator of the Universe, who made all things, who is in all things and is through all things.

He dreamed up the light and the darkness, the heavens and the earth, the sky and the land, every living creature and man.

God is a God who dreams and as being made in His likeness, in HIs image, we should dream too. Otherwise, we put to death Ephesians and effectively allow the enemy to yield us powerless in seeing the miracles of God. Now, let me also state, I have learned this over the last seven years. But for the purpose of this post, as much as possible, I want you to take captive those thoughts and I want you to see what could be rather than what now is. So that is where I want us to begin, realizing what God can do through us if we are willing acting like Him and dreaming.

When we have faith in what He can do and not rely on what we can do. Which is exactly what Barnum did. He dreamed of things that could be and not what already was. The only way you are going to see a God-dream is to seek the Creator Himself. To do this, you will need to implore a few different disciplines.

Interpreting Dreams with God’s Wisdom - FaithGateway

Bible study, prayer, possibly fasting, patience. God-dreams do not happen overnight, it is usually something that happens over time. Ask Yourself Some Questions Anyone who is starting to dream needs to take some time to figure out the next steps are in the process. This will help you to gain a better perspective on whether or not you are headed in the right direction. Here are some examples to get you started. But add more and journal them as you go. Are You Afraid? When God gives you a dream, more than likely the first emotion you will feel is fear.

Rightly so.