How to Kill a Vampire: Fangs in Folklore, Film and Fiction

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In exploring how and why these monsters have been created and the increasingly complex ways in which they are destroyed, the book not only serves as a handy guide to the history and modern role of the vampire, it reveals much about the changing nature of human fears. ISBN - X. ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. Prices and offers may vary in store.

About The Author. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Do not appear on film or video. Ordinary entire eyes can turn pitch black, usually while fangs are extended. Being Human Syfy. Moonlight The Parasol Protectorate Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter novel and film. Very Beautiful. Normal, but with pallid skin and yellow eyes.

However, if deprived of blood they become deformed, their ears grow, they lose their hair, grow claws and wings and become bat-like creatures called "Subsiders". American Vampire The Dresden Files. Fright Night , Somewhat attractive. We Are the Night Blood: The Last Vampire. Except for Saya. Saya is ordinary, the other Chiropterans are monstrous, but can look like normal humans.

Only fail chiropterans and Chevaliers when they shape shift. Yes [19]. Yes [20]. Beautiful, unless they absorb other monsters, in which case they became monstrous [21]. Wizards of Waverly Place. Beautiful, except for the Level E Vampires, which resemble weak and disheveled humans.

In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow , they do not have reflection. The Elder Vampires are beautiful, while the Vampire Warriors are bat-like creatures because they don't know how to shapeshift.

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If a vampire were to look into a mirror, their soul would be imprisoned in it. Breaking the mirror causes the vampire's soul to "break", killing the vampire.

Black Blood Brothers. Vampires are ordinary, but Kowloon Children have a feral and monstrous appearance. Feral-looking versions of humans; however, they can look more human if they drink human blood. Vampire Lords can assume a bat-like appearance. My Babysitter's a Vampire.

Ordinary, but when angry, or about to fight someone their fangs grow, and their eyes either glow a yellowish color or a dark blueish purple color. Faded, or murky. The Librarian. David Wellington. Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. Monogatari series. No, although the more powerful ones like Kiss-Shot can generate their own reflections. Corpse, although their remains would turn into ashes after a certain period of time. Look like corpses during the Rigor mortis phase. Saga of the Noble Dead. Dance in the Vampire Bund.

In silver-backed mirrors their image is blurred and distorted. Hotel Transylvania Reflection becomes less opaque the longer a vampire goes without feeding. Belial : three horns on their heads Ba'al : short and goblinlike Moloch : bull-like head, hooves and claws. Yes, but their eyes reflect black instead of red. Yes, but their eyes are depicted as black instead of red. Shadowspawn series.

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Serrated teeth, but no fangs. Ordinary, although the Nosferatu strain are generally bald and kind of ugly.

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Penny Dreadful. Shark-like teeth.

Master vampires are hideous, hairless, and have blood-red eyes but infected vampires are ordinary with blood-red eyes. Frequently wearing purple sunblock. From Dusk till Dawn. Not only manifest in a human form, but monstrous with reptilian, bat or rat characteristics. There's an app that does get them to show up on film. Beautiful, but have pointy, elf -like ears. Normally present, but they can alter this. Decay rapidly, as if the body had been rotting since it became a vampire; older vampires become dust.

Sun-exposed vampires become ash. American Horror Story: Hotel. Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase.

Identifying vampires

Vampire Cheerleaders. Beautiful, although their eyes turn blood-red when about to feed or when angry. Yes; fangs extend an extra quarter inch when biting. Yes; silver reflects their original mortal self, ignoring their true vampiric appearance and their glamour. Ordinary; their sclera are black and the irises gold , silver, or other colors; their skin is cool to the touch; their hair is often black but can also be deep purple, dark magenta , burgundy , or even dark blue-green; vampires also tend to have long and slightly curved fingernails. No, although some do retain their reflections.

No, although some do retain their shadows. Varies; individuals of the Lahmian and Von Carstein bloodlines are attractive unless they give in to their bloodthirst, eventually devolving into a varghulf; the Blood Dragons are disheveled; the Strigoi and Necrachs are both horrifying. As in previous life, although their eyes turn blood-red and their ears become pointed once they consume human blood for the first time and become a full vampire.

Interviews with Monster Girls. Varies by subspecies, from monstrous and bat-like to human-like; some can appear entirely human. The Adventures of Dr. Varies; human vampires resemble stereotypical Gothic vampires long hair, angular faces, etc. What We Do in the Shadows Unspecified; listed characteristics represent the default, others can be taken. Yes, but cannot see it themselves. Yes, but cameras make vampires nervous.

List of vampire traits in folklore and fiction

Varies; some are attractive, while others are ordinary, unsettling though not necessarily unnatractive , or horrifying the moroii appear as horrifying winged beasts. European Folklore. Fatal; ash , [22] hawthorn , [23] or oak [24] is preferred. Fatal [25]. Yes, but they will revive once removed. Yes [26]. Yes, but they will revive once removed [27].

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No [27]. Yes [28]. Healed by moonlight. A failed human blood substitute caused the vampire who was injected with it to convulse and explode. Burns their skin. Avoided, effect is unclear.

How to Kill a Vampire: Fangs in Folklore, Film and Fiction by Liisa Ladouceur

Destroying a Blood Mirror turns the entirety of the clan into humans and kills the old vampires. Commits suicide in Mount Vesuvius [10]. Weakened during daylight hours. Laura Hollis is a definite weakness.